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Voisys has been providing superior lead generation since 1990. We offer a "Loan-By-Phone" credit hotline service and a "Verified Leads" special finance leads service. VOISYS Loan-By-Phone service is the perfect tool for advertisers. Using Loan-By-Phone allows you to control the message, manage the traffic, and never miss a call again. Loan-By-Phone allows you to gather applicant information 24/7 and easily handle a high volume of responses. Calls are converted to text-based leads accessible online and/or delivered via e-mail or uploaded to most CRMs. Voisys applications are GLB compliant and developed using professional voice talent. VOISYS Loan-By-Phone includes: Customized scripts, 800# and toll free service, no long term contracts, service in English or Spanish, online reporting, over 100 custom fields available, VOISYS Verified Leads - With VOISYS, verification means validation. We call every lead to verify contact information, interest & application status, have they already purchased, employment status on average VOISYS rejects 30% of all available leads. Leads you don't have to work. VOISYS validation lowers your cost and creates opportunities that can only be had from our one-on-one, personalized approach. VOISYS uses strict market to market pricing to save you money. Leads are priced based on availability and competition. Let VOISYS buying power work to your advantage.

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