Skopos Financial

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P.O. Box 143454
Irving, TX 75014

Phone: (214) 520-4600
Fax: (214) 520-5079
Email: [email protected]


Skopos Financial makes tough, deep subprime auto loans easier to finance for dealers nationwide. In 2011, Skopos Financial opened its doors with one goal in mind – making tough, deep subprime auto loans easier to finance for dealers. Leveraging its sophisticated, patented iLender technology and visionary management team, Skopos provides a streamlined process for franchise dealers to finance customers with credit scores of 620 and below. As an indirect auto lender, Skopos offers solutions for car buyers with no credit, very low FICO scores, or a previous bankruptcy, repossession or foreclosure. And the best part is the speed. Skopos' dealers enjoy fast underwriting, fast approvals and fast funding. Skopos is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and has sales representatives throughout the United States.

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