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How this all got started... I was at a large Ford store in (Las Vegas) and we were emailing excel files to each desk manager, GM and GSM every day with our open deals which was basically pointless. When a customer came in to resign, bring in stips or titles no one knew what was going on with the deal and it was very frustrating and time consuming trying to track down everyone so I developed a better way where everyone would know about the deal. Will Give You... A Simpler Way To Know Why A Deal Is Open A Smarter Way To Communicate With Your Customers & Staff An Easier Way To Get STIPS From Your Customers A Faster Way To Get Your Deals Funded you will know exactly why a deal is open, who is responsible for that deal and your customers can text their stips to you so you can print out or forward to the lender. If you are currently managing your open car deals by writing notes in Sharpie on deal jackets, using a white board, bucket system, running those tedious DMS Reports or even e-mailing excel files back and forth you should become a beta tester.

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