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Zurich, a top provider of F&I products and services across the United States, has helped thousand of dealerships maximize their opportunities while increasing customer satisfaction. Zurich offers a broad portfolio of F&I products, as well as consultative services. Zurich now offers some of the latest technology via its iPad application, illuminate. illuminate is a customer-driven tool that can help enrich the customer experience in your dealership while helping enhance F&I opportunities. It's innovative, engaging, collaborative, informative, and easy to use. By incorporating illuminate into your dealership, it can help: - Increase per vehicle retail: your customers will gain more confidence in their purchasing decision which can lead to increased product penetration. - Improve your compliance – customers have a full view of the products they are purchasing and receive full pricing disclosure. - Enhance the image of your dealership: using the latest technology demonstrates your dedication to evolving as technology changes. - Appeal to the newest generation of car buyers – the millennial generation has integrated technology into their daily lives; illuminate carries this through to you dealership helping you appeal to this generation of car buyers by providing an experience they have come to expect. Are you ready for illuminate at your dealership? Visit www.zurichna.com/illuminate or call 800-840-8842, ext 7449.

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