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Take the credit turn down customers you have in a stack right now and turn them into actual deals. That's what we do nationwide. We rapid rescore their credit in 4 to 17 days. We have done rapid rescoring for the real estate industry, now moving into auto finance rescoring. Get more deals done! Credit Check Xpress professionals work to improve clients' credit scores by using quick, effective processes that have been proven to work. Our clients' credit scores can go up in as little as 4 to 23 days. We help peole achieve their dreams like owning a car, house, boat or qualifying for business loans or landing the job of their dreams. With more than 10 years experience in the real estate and mortgage industries, our professionals have helped numerous clients achieve their dream of home-ownership. They bring that experience to the field of credit restoration, rapid rescoring and now automotive financing. Having reviewed more than 63,000 individual credit reports over the past 17 years, we are expets on credit scores and the credit industry's scoring models, credit repair, the Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), predatory lending practices, and dealing with the financial fallout from identify theft. Together they have combined knowledge, experience, and the willingness to help clients achieve their dreams like owning a new home, a new car, qualifying for business loans, or landing a better paying job/career. We will boost your customers credit score so you can get more deals done every month.

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