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Working in the Auto Industry Immediately after college, I went to work in a steel processing plant. Their job was to supply the Big Three with the various sizes and types of steel to manufacture everything from auto trim to hoods, doors and fenders. Working in the plant was difficult and dangerous work, so I took this as a sign to return to school to study the rapidly emerging field of industrial computer technology. Developing Software for the Auto Industry In 1984, I started working with a company that designed material requirements planning (MRP) software solutions for the manufacturing of auto parts. Over the next 10 years, we worked directly with a major tier one automotive supplier. My responsibilities included customizing the software to align with their business process. I was able to develop my talent for taking their complex procedures and simplifying it to make these processes more efficient and ultimately, more effective. This software handled all of the scheduling, the work centers, the operations, definitions and the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities. We were able to combine it all together in a process that our client easily understood. We had perfected a system that was highly useful to both the organization and end users, while staying out of the way of accomplishing their specific day-to-day tasks. Starting Out On My Own Building on this experience, I saw the opportunity to serve more customers at a higher level. From this, I established my own software development business, Software Advantage Consulting Corporation. This allowed me to keep up with the changing technologies and ultimately bring my customers leading edge solutions. From initially using mainframe computers (the big iron), to distributed processing over digital networks to Internet development, SACC has kept our customers up to date with the advances in technologies. Launching Auto Scheduler Advantage™ In 2005, Buff Whelan Chevrolet in Sterling Heights, Michigan, the largest Chevrolet dealership in the state, contracted with SACC to develop a car delivery tracking system. This ultimately became kernel for Auto Scheduler Advantage™ (ASA). Since then, Buff Whelan has used it to control their car delivery process. ASA has since become our flagship solution. We also provide them with their Service Schedule, which accurately communicates customer service status in their waiting room. Creating the CS Version As a bi-product of rolling our ASA to several car dealerships, they shared their ideas as to what would make ASA a greater solution for them. We listened very carefully to what was said. These ideas led to increased innovation for our service. Shortly after rolling out the Standard version of Auto Scheduler Advantage™, I began research and developing the Comprehensive Service (CS) Version of our service. The CS Version is the ultimate synergy of what we learned from working closely with the Car Dealers, but also leveraging efficiencies learned from the manufacturing process for the benefit of our client car dealerships. Our paramount goal is to help your car dealership to optimize its operations. Building Our Team We are continually seeking out the best and brightest as we build our team to serve the growing number of auto dealers with Auto Scheduler Advantage™. Interested individuals should send their information to me directly:[email protected] Up At 5 As the head of our organization, I arise at 5:00 am every morning with new ideas and inspirations pouring out from me. This reservoir of enthusiasm and ideas is critical to keep Auto Scheduler Advantage a better service. My personal commitment to growth and innovation allows Software Advantage Consulting Corporation to better serve our valued clients.

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